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Situated in the middle of the important viking area "West in Viken" it was often heard:
• "Where are the vikings?" (foreign visitors)
• "You should have more to show us" (domestic tourists)

Since nobody else had utilized the most famous theme "the vikings", the project decided to take the opportunity.

"The vikings" as a theme is attractive to people of all ages: Tourists in general, cruise passengers, business relations, school excursions etc. The project has made the market segmentations and research shows that the market is not only Europe , but the whole world.

The conclusion is to build the worlds largest and most comprehensive centre about the viking history and make profit through the tourists satisfaction.

When entering the park, a spectacular 3D travel with millennium wagons will bring visitors 1000 years back through the history at sea.
• Meet the vikings in the routine of the every day life and festivities.
• Go onboard the viking ships rigged for war or a trade voyage.

Viking World Norway is built to engage people of all ages in the viking lifestyle. Great variety of activities will give an unforgettable experience.